Monday, 18 April 2016

Upcycle Tutorial: Spring Clean Tin Cans

I have been having a long overdue spring clean this week and inbetween having a toddler and finally going back to work after a mammoth maternity leave, I've realised my poor house has been neglected! So, I got my trusty housekeeping tin out that's filled with all my household essentials and decided to lavish some much needed TLC on my little cottage and finally clear out those kitchen cupboards!

Well, as you can imagine - those cupboards! Wow, how many tins of soup did I actually think we would eat last year?! My fiance is a very keen recylcer, so I dedcided to do my bit and upcycle those old tin cans into something special.

I decided to make the larger cans into little pots for some kitchen herbs and the smaller cans into a vase for some spring blooms -  you can see those sitting pride of place on my fireplace above!

It's so super easy and actually very satisfying. Seeing that boring and basic tin made over into a fun, new kitchen accessory.

You don't really need to spend a lot - if anything, to make these. All I used was some leftover tins from the cupboard. I bought some tester pots of paint, but if you have any unused, or old paint hidden away in a cupboard/cellar/loft then it's a great way to make something that's inkeeping with your existing colour scheme.

I chose standard matte emulsion paint from Wilkinsons in shades that echoed the rooms I wanted to put the finished products in. I went for English Sage, Olive and Cloudless - I was really impressed with the colour selection they had and the paint itself was much better quality than I expected.

I didn't use a primer - just two coats did the job and it was great coverage. It probably could've stood another coat in hindsight, but I was too excited to put my flowers and herbs in and display them! 

These two tins are actually painted different shades, but I thought it would be nice to have a subtle difference between them. As the tone is the same, they sit well together. The shade on the left is 'English Sage' and the right tin is painted in 'Olive'. I absolutely love the shade 'Olive' and was frantically looking for other things to paint after I saw the true colour! It would look amazing on an outdoor shed or front door - the perfect country green without the price tag of other paints on the market.

I used Cloudless to paint the two smaller tins and it's very serene and light blue, without looking too   cold. Once the tins had dried, I filled them with gypsophilia, but I think they'd look just as effective with hyacyinths, tulips, stocks or even some greenery.

After the tins turned out ok, I was suddenly in full crafting mode and broke out some old mason jars and garden twine and very simlpy just smeared glue on 3/4's of the glass jar and tightly wound the twine around it to give it a more rustic, shabby feel.

Now my kitchen and lounge are filled with these once tired, but now transforned tins! And in my opinion, there really is no better excuse to have lots of fresh flowers in the house!
You can also repurpose tin cans another way, by filling them with water and freezing them - once frozen, drill holes into the sides in any pattern you fancy - leave to defrost and pour the water away. Pop a tea light in and you've got a lantern perfect for those late nights drinking wine in the garden!

You can even spray paint some in metallics - I love rose gold - for beautiful centrepieces at parties or even that barn inspired, vintage wedding.

What household item have you upcycled into something amazing! Please comment and let me know below!

Happy crafting! 

Love, C x

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Friday, 8 April 2016

It's a boy! Room tour: Babes Nursery

Once my fiancé and I discovered we were having a boy, I couldn't wait to start designing the nursery!
I had done some research and discovered the first colours babies can identify, are black white and red and I wanted to incorporate these colours into my scheme, in the hope he would be all the more inquisitive in the world around him as he developed.

I interpret red to the be one of the strongest colours on the spectrum, so I didn't want to assault his senses too much with block colouring; I decided to make the main colour of the room white, so it was a neutral canvas and opted for dreamy cloud wallpaper to go next to the cot. I then decided to make the accent colour a bright 'big top' red - and that's when the idea for a circus theme was born!

I really loved researching all the different products out there and wanted the nursery to be bright and colourful, but with the feeling of those vintage old fashioned circuses of the 20's. Whilst searching endlessly online, I found and fell in love with the circus bedroom range from The White Company. Unfortunately, this line is no longer available in 2016, but you can have a look at their gorgeous new ranges online.

I opted for the red and white wash bag, the circus themed bedding, cushion covers and their lovely bunting. I also invested in some circus greeting cards that I framed and put up on the walls, as a cheaper alternative to what was available on the high street.

For the ceiling light, my mum very kindly customized a plain white IKEA lamp shade with some left over bunting to pull the look together.

Wandering around the Country Living fair in Harrogate at Christmas, I found a gorgeous vintage looking felt tiger head and knew instantly I had to have it - it has a lovely whimsical and vintage feel to it and really compliments the other themed accents in his room. They also had a beautiful swans head that would look perfect in a girls room - that's definitely on the list, if I have a little princess next!

I found a gorgeous wall sticker from a company called Mimi'lou that was so huge, I could spread it over three walls, so it ended up being brilliant value for money. All the stickers came on one sheet, which you just cut out and design your own mural. I also found a beautiful circus themed bedspread from Kirstie Allsopp's home range and a wooden giraffe height chart from Emma Jefferson.

Our bespoke paper cut of babes birthday has got pride of place on his wall and that will be re-homed elsewhere in the house when his room gets redecorated in the future, it's just too beautiful to put in a cupboard! I bought mine from and I love looking at it, it's such a special reminder of the day we finally got to meet him!

A story corner completed the space and we just used basic picture shelves from IKEA - they're simple, inexpensive and come in a range of widths - I decided to place mine at floor level, so eventually he can choose his own books at story time.

To further the theme; for his birthday this year we booked a ringmaster style 'Cake Smash' photoshoot and had a circus themed party, where our little lion tamer had lots of fun turning one!

Even though he's still so little, I've got so much enjoyment already from being in his nursery, watching him play, explore and grow - and whatever he's into next - aliens, cowboys, robots or dinosaurs - I can't wait to look for the next inspiration!

What nursery themes have you chosen for your sweet babes? Please comment and share below!

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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Welcome to my blog!

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to my blog and hello Spring! Thank you for stopping by - as a complete newbie to the blog world, it means a lot that you're reading this!

Let me introduce myself. I'm Caroline - a 32 year old TV Producer and mum of one in real life, but in my spare time I'm an interiors and home accessories obsessive, who daydreams of styling homes for a living!

There's nothing I love more than putting my feet up by the fire with a stack of home and property  magazines, it's one of my favourite things to do and how I like to unwind and forget the stresses of the day. I also dabble in a spot of crafting and I love a bargain - so if I can make it or update it, even better!

I really enjoy styling my home for parties and special dates - most recently my little boy's first birthday party. (More on that later!) And as a new mum, I have found that my attitude towards my home has changed - I'm forever thinking of how to achieve better storage, or how to style his bedroom shelves so they are simultaneously pinterest worthy and functional at the same time!

With this in mind, I've decided to create 'home sweet babe', a blog dedicated to my love of all things home and baby and share my thoughts, ideas and photos with you and hopefully a little inspiration along the way!

I'm also really interested in your thoughts and comments, so please say hi and leave your feedback below and let me know if there's a particular topic you'd like me to cover in future posts.


Love, C x

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