Monday, 18 April 2016

Upcycle Tutorial: Spring Clean Tin Cans

I have been having a long overdue spring clean this week and inbetween having a toddler and finally going back to work after a mammoth maternity leave, I've realised my poor house has been neglected! So, I got my trusty housekeeping tin out that's filled with all my household essentials and decided to lavish some much needed TLC on my little cottage and finally clear out those kitchen cupboards!

Well, as you can imagine - those cupboards! Wow, how many tins of soup did I actually think we would eat last year?! My fiance is a very keen recylcer, so I dedcided to do my bit and upcycle those old tin cans into something special.

I decided to make the larger cans into little pots for some kitchen herbs and the smaller cans into a vase for some spring blooms -  you can see those sitting pride of place on my fireplace above!

It's so super easy and actually very satisfying. Seeing that boring and basic tin made over into a fun, new kitchen accessory.

You don't really need to spend a lot - if anything, to make these. All I used was some leftover tins from the cupboard. I bought some tester pots of paint, but if you have any unused, or old paint hidden away in a cupboard/cellar/loft then it's a great way to make something that's inkeeping with your existing colour scheme.

I chose standard matte emulsion paint from Wilkinsons in shades that echoed the rooms I wanted to put the finished products in. I went for English Sage, Olive and Cloudless - I was really impressed with the colour selection they had and the paint itself was much better quality than I expected.

I didn't use a primer - just two coats did the job and it was great coverage. It probably could've stood another coat in hindsight, but I was too excited to put my flowers and herbs in and display them! 

These two tins are actually painted different shades, but I thought it would be nice to have a subtle difference between them. As the tone is the same, they sit well together. The shade on the left is 'English Sage' and the right tin is painted in 'Olive'. I absolutely love the shade 'Olive' and was frantically looking for other things to paint after I saw the true colour! It would look amazing on an outdoor shed or front door - the perfect country green without the price tag of other paints on the market.

I used Cloudless to paint the two smaller tins and it's very serene and light blue, without looking too   cold. Once the tins had dried, I filled them with gypsophilia, but I think they'd look just as effective with hyacyinths, tulips, stocks or even some greenery.

After the tins turned out ok, I was suddenly in full crafting mode and broke out some old mason jars and garden twine and very simlpy just smeared glue on 3/4's of the glass jar and tightly wound the twine around it to give it a more rustic, shabby feel.

Now my kitchen and lounge are filled with these once tired, but now transforned tins! And in my opinion, there really is no better excuse to have lots of fresh flowers in the house!
You can also repurpose tin cans another way, by filling them with water and freezing them - once frozen, drill holes into the sides in any pattern you fancy - leave to defrost and pour the water away. Pop a tea light in and you've got a lantern perfect for those late nights drinking wine in the garden!

You can even spray paint some in metallics - I love rose gold - for beautiful centrepieces at parties or even that barn inspired, vintage wedding.

What household item have you upcycled into something amazing! Please comment and let me know below!

Happy crafting! 

Love, C x

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