Thursday, 18 August 2016

Bring the Outside In!

Now summer is in full swing (well, ish!) there's never been a better time to harness a slice of the fresh outdoors and bring the outside in!

Using the outside as inspiration for interior styling is a great way to keep your home feeling seasonal. I find something as simple as piling artichokes in a glass vase, or displaying lemons and limes in a glass vessel instead of a fruit bowl can just add a note of freshness and colour, as well as brightening up a workspace.

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I love wooden accessories and I found these lovely wooden slices, which are a great base to place fresh flowers on - or place underneath a simple candle. They are such a subtle way to highlight an accessory and are a great nod to the outdoors.

I have an abundance of lavender in my garden, as well as lots of fresh herbs. It's so easy to forget to use things like this, but get outside and get chopping! It's always nice to see a display of fresh stems in the kitchen, ready to add to any culinary delights you might be cooking! And remember, regular trimming of your herbs promote growth. I dry my lavender and hang it up in my utility room, but don't be shy with this herb - crush a few heads and add to fresh lemon juice and use in a marinade for chicken. 

I think a great way to add some seasonal colour is buying cushions for all the seasons and then switch them out during the year. If you have a neutral toned sofa, I love apple greens and ochre for adding some summer sunshine to your lounge.

Use natural materials to accessorise. I think stone, slate and wood - especially driftwood are great natural accents to add to any room. I found this gorgeous driftwood tea light holder at a crafts fair and it always gets lots of compliments.

Pick fresh blooms that grow in your garden, these are such a nice alternative than the usual flowers you'd find in the shops. Pretty and seasonal, they add a touch of summer meadow charm - just be careful with buttercups as they do tend to lose their petals quite quickly once picked! (But they look so pretty!)

Wishing you all a happy summer home!

Love, C x

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