Thursday, 4 August 2016

Home Edit: The Things I Love

We all have things that we can't live without - for me it's my babe and my beau. But if you asked me what my favourite home buys were - I'd have to go with this little collection of home treats. If you read my blog, you'll know that I love a bargain, so I own up-cycled furniture, that I've restored myself over the years, along with some pricier pieces (let's not tell the Mr about these though) 

My taste has definitely evolved over the years and I like to let the period of the property dictate some of the style choices. I currently live in a grade two listed house in a conservation area, so my home has a modern country vibe - oak paired with black marble, rustic accessories displayed in a modern bathroom. Concrete light fixtures and traditional sofas. It's an eclectic mix of things, but I don't think everything has to be 'matchy matchy' to work. 

Even though I try to pass it off as my own advice, my mum (who is a doyenne of home style) has always told me - if you love something, you'll find a place for it. I've never really been one for following trends to a tee and everything in our home has been picked because we love it.

These little home highlights that I'm going to share with you are some of my favourite things that all have a story, or evoke some wonderful memories about the what/where/why or how we came to acquire them - and ultimately, isn't that what makes a house a home?


My son's first ever painting

This is my most prized possession. Yes it's essentially a squiggle, but what an amazing squiggle it is! This is my son's first ever painting. He was just shy of being 14 months when he painted this at nursery on world book day, dressed as Mickey Mouse. It's the best Gruffalo I've ever seen! My aim is to frame all his artwork and hang it in my downstairs loo, so it's like a little gallery in there - full of fun and colour, just like him!

Drift Wood Heart

I heart this heart! They say you can wear your heart on your sleeve, but what about wearing it on your wall?! I absolutely fell in love with this heart on a trip to Chester about 5 years ago with my Fiancé. This was a time before we were engaged, or had a little one and had just escaped away for the weekend to indulge in some good food and wine and to stroll around those cobbled streets and dreamily make plans for the future. We hadn't long moved in together and we stumbled across a lovely homeware store. When I saw it, my mums advice was ringing in my ears - I knew I'd find a place for it! Cut to the Mr, carrying this huge heart all across Chester back to hotel! This has now been hung in two homes, the latest being the house that we bought together and are raising our family in and every time I see it, it makes me smile.

Diptyque Candles

These candles have become a staple / obsession of mine and I would love to fill the house with them if I could! I love to burn candles, especially on a dark night, with the log fire on. Heaven. I have tried a few of these now and have to say my favourite is Feu De Bois. I also love The White Company's Pomegranate and Blanc candle and Jo Malone's Incense & Embers. I also love Eve Taylor's aromatherapy candles - scrumptious aromatherapy scents and the wax doubles as massage oil as it melts - the best invention ever! 

Fresh Flowers

For me, there's nothing I like more than fresh flowers and if you follow my Instagram account, you'll always see a bouquet in the background somewhere! They're an inexpensive way to really give a space a pop of colour and breathe a little depth into a room. I love simple white roses, lillies and gypsophila, but I love to buy seasonal flowers like, tulips, gladioli, stocks and peonies. I have a huge lavender plant in my garden, along with beautiful hydrangea's and love to cut these fresh and display them in traditional glass vases, or home crafted, painted tin vases (see my blog for how to's on these!).

Cast Iron Table

This cast iron table, was gifted to me by my mum and I've had it for years. It's come with me to every place I've lived and it's the one piece of furniture that I love. It's so versatile, it goes with any colour and style and I love the Venetian cafe feel it has to it. My mum bought it around 30 years ago from a local florist and it's been well loved over the years. It currently sits in my kitchen, bookending my sofa, but I have a thing for moving things around, so it may end up somewhere else shortly!

Betsy Benn Destination Prints

I first invested in one of these prints as a gift for my dads 60th and I just think they are such a unique way to catalogue those amazing moments, or places you've visited - either with your other half, or someone special. I have two now that document most of places I've visited with my fiancé and I like that you can keep adding to it and eventually could have a nice little gallery wall of all those destinations you made memories in.

I have also recently inherited an old wooden children's chair, that used to be my granddads, then my dads when they were little. I now have it for my little boy and I'm still toying whether to revamp it, or just leave it as it is. It has a really cute carving on the seat of a little girl and boy playing by a windmill and has a real scandi-chic feel to it. I'll post a photo of this once I decide what to do with it!

What are your stand out pieces in your home? Whatever they are, cherish them dearly as you'll find they'll travel with you and soon become part of your home story.

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