Tuesday, 20 September 2016

A spot of Autumnal Organizing

I don't know about you, but now Autumn has arrived, I'm already starting to nest for winter; getting my house super organised and ready to hibernate!  (And by hibernate I mostly mean wearing pyjamas in front of the fire every night.) I like to change the look and feel of my home with the seasons and now the nights are starting to get longer, this is the time I like get my cottage all cosy in the run up to winter and tackle a clear out.

Decluttering can seem like a daunting task. You don't have to be ruthless and throw everything up into the loft, but just by looking at what you actually use in a room and what you don't can help you make decisions about how to design the room better to work for you. Just start by organising one space, so it doesn't feel too overwhelming and once you've tackled that one, move on to the next - you never know, you might even start to enjoy it! (I love any opportunity to use my label maker!)

In case any of you are thinking of having a clear out, I'm sharing the 3 simple rules that I live by that seem to make decluttering a bit less stressful!

1. Store it!

How we use storage can make a huge difference to how we live our lives. I know that sounds so dramatic, but personally I think finding the perfect storage is the key to a tidy mind and a tidy home. I love baskets and think they are a great multi use storage solution. I use baskets all over and they house everything from logs and kindling, magazines and even hair products and electricals. It's amazing how much tidier any room can look with some clever storage in play. For a uniformed look on shelves and in kitchen cupboards, consider storing dry goods in mason jars and label accordingly. Paperwork and letters can quickly get out of hand, I think it's essential to organise post as it comes in; don't let it pile up - have labelled boxes ready and separate bills, menus and miscellaneous from recycling.

photo Via Pinterest

photo Via Pinterest

2. Question it!

I usually ask myself a couple of questions when I'm having a clear out. 1. When did I last use this item? And 2. Would I buy it again? Generally, if I've not used something for 12 months - then out it goes! But, don't just throw things away - before you take that trip to the tip - consider what other options you have - you can always donate, sell, recycle, or even up-cycle. You might find you fall in love with an old item or piece of furniture all over again, just by restoring, repairing, or even repainting it.

3. Shelve it!

Declutter shelves and give your room an instant makeover and fresh look. Everyone can be guilty of neglecting shelving, but there are tricks you can use that will make your shelf both functional and stylish. Instead of piling every book you own on there, just display your favourite titles alongside beloved ornaments, candles and plants. Project some of your personality on there and give guests something interesting and unique to look at. If your bookshelf is heaving with books that you don't really read but can't bear to part with, consider placing the spines facing the back of the shelves, for a more uniformed and neutral look. Keep an accent colour running through any accessories you place on your shelves to compliment and echo the colour scheme in your room.

photo via Pinterest

Just remember, don't put too much pressure on yourself you get everything done in one day. I find itmakes things easier if I set little targets for myself, like Monday; organise shelving, Tuesday, Declutter the fridge etc. You'll be surprised how much you actually get done by breaking it down into bite size chores!

Good luck and happy sorting!

Love, C x


  1. Love your column and now your blog.... keep up the winter pictures and recommendations.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Just working on some christmas content now, so please stop by again! Many thanks xx

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