Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Craft Tutorial: 'No Carve' Pumpkins Ideas

Now I have a toddler, I love celebrating the holidays even more and relish every opportunity to make or create something together. With Halloween approaching, I wanted to decorate the traditional pumpkin a little differently, as the thought of something with an open flame at floor level was just giving me nightmares (I'm such a worry wort these days now I'm a mama!)

So this year I thought I'd have a go at creating some fun no carve pumpkins - which is basically painting and pimping a whole pumpkin - I've christened these 'Pimpkins'! They are super easy to create, either keep it simple and paint them a bright block colour, or if you're good at drawing and designing, you can make yours into any character or design of your choice!

I think this is such a lovely activity to do with your little monsters, as they can really get stuck in and get involved - with you safe in the knowledge there's no sharp knives around!

Here are a few of my no carve creations! I'd love to see yours, so please feel free to tag me in your finished 'Pimpkins' on Instagram! (@homesweetbabe)

Candy Colour Pop

I love a splash of colour in the house and these are the perfect fun accessory to brighten up your autumn! You could use any colour you fancy, but I think a bold, contrasting colour works well as a statement. My house has a very neutral palette of taupes, greys and stone - so a big pink vibrant pumpkin is a great way to add a temporary pop of fun!

The Pumpkin Princess

This is my favourite of all my 'Pimpkins'! This was so super easy to make and looks amazing - it honestly took no more than 10 minutes! I used Dulux emulsion in Berry Smoothie and decorated with self adhesive strip gems and pearls from Hobbycraft. The Tiara was the final touch to my Cinderella inspired pumpkin - which is my little fun interpretation of what happens if you stay out past midnight! You could also do a blue version of this and add silver sparkles for a Frozen inspired version.

A Simple Squash

These look great in pairs or clusters and are just painted in a simple white shade. I used Jasmine White from Dulux - but you could use any old tester pots you have in storage. These mini munchkins also look cute painted in metallics. Or you could paint them black and add black cardboard bat wings or witches hats for a table decoration.

Mickey Mouse

My little Mouseketeer loves Mickey Mouse and we regularly snuggle up on the sofa to watch the Disney channel together, so I knew he'd love this one. I put tape around the middle of the pumpkin to give a clean line whilst I painted and used black and red acrylic paint from Hobbycraft. I stuck on the oversized yellow buttons with craft glue and lastly added the ears, as I had some in the toy box from  earlier in the year when my babe went to nursery dressed as Mickey for World Book Day.

Happy Halloween!

Love, C x

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