Saturday, 15 April 2017

Craft Tutorial: Easy (ish!) Easter Bunting.

Happy Easter weekend! I've decided to share a craft project with you that I've attempted this week. It is relatively easy - more so if you can sew! I love crafting and trying new things to make, but this was my first attempt at this bunting and FULL DISCLOSURE ALERT... I can't sew for toffee (or easter eggs).

Never the less, the results are super cute and you can replace the bunnies, for literally anything else to make gorgeous bunting for bedrooms /playrooms, even gifts - I'm going to *try* and make some felt dinosaur bunting for George's new room, which I'm in the middle of planning at the minute - more on that later!

Ok, so here's what you need;

Plain paper (for templates)
Felt Sheets 
Felt balls
Embroidery floss
Thread / cotton
Soft Toy Filling

I started by drawing my bunnies onto A4 paper, to use as a template. You may not need to do this if you're a great at freehand and just want to go for it direct on the felt sheets, but if you're anything like me, you'll benefit from a template - and it's also a good way to ensure each bunny is the same size. If you're not confident with free hand drawing, there are plenty of great bunny outlines and templates online - you could even trace it straight off your computer screen!

Once you've made your templates, cut two bunnies from your felt sheets - I went for light grey and white felt, but you could choose any colour you fancy. I got all my essentials at Hobbycraft and they had a great selection of colours.

Put your two felt bunnies together and sew around them. This is the part that I really wished I owned a sewing machine, as you'll have this step sorted in minutes! Or if you're a first time sewer like me and hand sew each bunny, this can take a while! Leave a corner open and stuff with toy filling. I used the blade of my scissors to push the stuffing into every corner. Sew shut.

I then sewed a white felt ball on each rabbit, so they had cute little cotton tails. Once you've made as many bunnies as you like, then you can start to make the garland! I think an odd number of rabbits look great, but it's really up to you how many you add - obviously you'd need more if you were planning on a long length.

Now you can make felt balls yourself, but after watching a few tutorials on you tube, it just seemed far too time consuming, so I ordered online! I went for a mix of 1cm and 3cm balls from Amazon. I decided to go for spring green colours, but again, you can opt for any colour - I think that what makes this so lovely, as you can craft these to any specification you want.

Then, using a large sewing needle, I threaded the bunnies and balls onto some embroidery floss and voila! Your fab little fancy felt bunting is finished!

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter Weekend!

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Saturday, 4 February 2017

50 Shades of Pink!

This month many of us will be celebrating Valentine's Day - ooh la la! So in the spirit of all things sweet and romantic, I thought I'd show you how you can shower some love on your home and embrace the colour pink.
Yes, I know pink isn't everyone's love potion when it comes to interiors and for some it conjures up the thought of saccharine sweet flowery prints, chintz and 80's decor - but there are ways to showcase pink without making your home too girly.
Blush was a major colour trend in 2016 and it's a great starting shade for those who are too shy to experiment with the more powerful pinks out there, but delicate enough as an introduction to this cute hue.

Whether it's pretty pastel, fluorescent fuchsia - or anything in-between, here's the low down on how to make this sweetheart shade work for you.

photo via pinterest

Start simple. Add a pop of pink to your room with something as simple as pink roses, tulips or lillies. This is the easiest way to trial a colour in a space, without committing to anything too costly or permanent.
Pink accents in a neutral room can add warmth and character, depending on which shades you use. Personally, I love blush, nude and pastel pinks, to add a soft sophistication to my lounge area, though if you wanted to make more of a statement, why not opt for bolder shades such as flamingo, magenta and cerise. Accessorise with cushions (I love the pink mongolian wool cushions available at TK Maxx) candles, or a gorgeous cable knit throw. Another simple addition is swapping out your old bathroom towels for classic white or grey and adding a hint of pink in the pile.

photo via pinterest

photo via TK MAXX

Fancy a DIY project? How about upscaling an unloved piece of furniture and painting it pink! Breathe life into an old dresser with a pink paint job and adding gold hardware? Or how about creating a feature wall by framing samples of pink wallpaper and hanging them in a row to make a makeshift gallery wall? I love the idea of transforming something old and giving it a modern makeover  - plus how adorable would powder pink drawers look in a nursery or playroom?

photo via pinterest

Although pink has an amazing array of shades to offer, it's understandable that some of you may need more convincing to use this colour in your home. If you don't want to commit to something big, something less prominent you can do is incorporate pink in more subtle design decisions - like using rose gold metallics for lighting options and ornaments. Pink is one of the few colours that can cater for every taste, so why not consider introducing a little sweetness into your colour scheme and start to think pink!

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