Saturday, 15 April 2017

Craft Tutorial: Easy (ish!) Easter Bunting.

Happy Easter weekend! I've decided to share a craft project with you that I've attempted this week. It is relatively easy - more so if you can sew! I love crafting and trying new things to make, but this was my first attempt at this bunting and FULL DISCLOSURE ALERT... I can't sew for toffee (or easter eggs).

Never the less, the results are super cute and you can replace the bunnies, for literally anything else to make gorgeous bunting for bedrooms /playrooms, even gifts - I'm going to *try* and make some felt dinosaur bunting for George's new room, which I'm in the middle of planning at the minute - more on that later!

Ok, so here's what you need;

Plain paper (for templates)
Felt Sheets 
Felt balls
Embroidery floss
Thread / cotton
Soft Toy Filling

I started by drawing my bunnies onto A4 paper, to use as a template. You may not need to do this if you're a great at freehand and just want to go for it direct on the felt sheets, but if you're anything like me, you'll benefit from a template - and it's also a good way to ensure each bunny is the same size. If you're not confident with free hand drawing, there are plenty of great bunny outlines and templates online - you could even trace it straight off your computer screen!

Once you've made your templates, cut two bunnies from your felt sheets - I went for light grey and white felt, but you could choose any colour you fancy. I got all my essentials at Hobbycraft and they had a great selection of colours.

Put your two felt bunnies together and sew around them. This is the part that I really wished I owned a sewing machine, as you'll have this step sorted in minutes! Or if you're a first time sewer like me and hand sew each bunny, this can take a while! Leave a corner open and stuff with toy filling. I used the blade of my scissors to push the stuffing into every corner. Sew shut.

I then sewed a white felt ball on each rabbit, so they had cute little cotton tails. Once you've made as many bunnies as you like, then you can start to make the garland! I think an odd number of rabbits look great, but it's really up to you how many you add - obviously you'd need more if you were planning on a long length.

Now you can make felt balls yourself, but after watching a few tutorials on you tube, it just seemed far too time consuming, so I ordered online! I went for a mix of 1cm and 3cm balls from Amazon. I decided to go for spring green colours, but again, you can opt for any colour - I think that what makes this so lovely, as you can craft these to any specification you want.

Then, using a large sewing needle, I threaded the bunnies and balls onto some embroidery floss and voila! Your fab little fancy felt bunting is finished!

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter Weekend!

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