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Orchard Toys Review

I don’t know about you, but keeping my son happy and engaged in activities can be quite the task! Luckily, we discovered the award winning Orchard Toys’ amazing range of board games that encourage development in a range of social and strategy skills. Whether it’s teaching kindness and good manners, confidence, or numeracy and literacy skills, there really is something for every child to enjoy.

Orchard Toys products have been a genuine staple in my son George’s toy box for years, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive some of their products to review. 

As George has just started reception, he is busy learning phonics, how letters are formed and very basic maths. Magic Spelling and Counting Mountain seemed a fab fit to help promote these skills. 

Firstly we played Magic Spelling. This essentially helps children identify letters using a magic wand and put them together to form simple words - but it’s presented as though your child is taking part in a magic lesson, collecting magical ingredients to put in their spell books. Complete with a touch of illusion, this really is an enchanting way for them to learn and have fun. Catering to their imagination, as well as their logic is just such a winning combination - kids are learning and digesting the subject matter, without being aware they are actually developing word building skills. The game is easy to assemble, with colour coded word cards, so you can arrange the word cards into simpler and slightly harder piles. I just used the green cards to start with - the last thing I wanted to do was make him think he couldn’t achieve the task, so I’d say a good tip would be to pick out the 3 letter words first, to build up your child’s confidence - and then you can move up to the bigger words. Some of the ingredients really have that gross out element, which boys tend to like and rubbing the word cards to reveal the word was something George really enjoyed. 

Counting Mountain is a 3D board game that facilitates counting skills. Pick a climber and race to the mountain’s summit to win! Players must complete maths questions to work their way up the mountain and there is added jeopardy if they pick up a yeti card that makes players move back down the mountain. 
This is so fun and the 3D element really brought the concept to life and immediately garners the attention of little ones. We found it a little tricky to navigate our way up and across the mountain the first time, but regular play has helped our sense of direction! George felt a real sense of achievement and pride reaching the top. This is a simple, fun and addictive game that actually makes maths fun. (Never thought I’d say that!) 

Dinosaur race, sees players race their Dino characters around a 3D running track, competing for a medal. This again is a great game that encourages counting and matching skills. Even though players are racing around the track and striving for gold - I found this game actually teaches kids there’s still reward in second and third place. Children often get upset when they don’t win, but there was no real losers in this because there was a medal for everyone (if there are 4 players you could give another bronze to avoid any tears.) Turning the dinosaur cards over kept it engaging and interesting, George really loved playing this. 

And drumroll please...we were lucky enough to be sent Orchard Toys’ newest game, released just last month - Knights and Dragons. George laughed all the way through this, as he beat me 16 to 4! (He loves to win, this kid!) 
It’s a matching game, where you have a big pile of cards and take turns to try and match the top and bottoms of different coloured knights together. But...there are a couple of surprises in the pile: 
1) Dragon cards - if you turn over an awake dragon card, this chases your knights away (you have to surrender a set that you’ve made to the middle of the table)
2) Sleeping dragon cards -  these let you pick up a matching set that from the surrendered pile) 
3) Castle cards - hidden throughout the pile are the pieces of a castle jigsaw, once it’s built signals the end of the game - can you make the most knight pairs before the castle is finished?

These elements really keep the game engaging and it promotes problem solving and matching. The anticipation of getting those dragon cards kept George’s attention and we really laughed a lot playing this. 

I have always found Orchard products to be engaging, fun and easy to grasp. Each game is really considered, as well as being educational and they have a lovely traditional and wholesome feel to them. But what I love most, is how they promote independent thought and encourage imagination and confidence. 

The games from Orchard Toys catalogue are wonderful additions to your child’s game Cupboard. We often play ours in PJ’s, all cosy and there’s something really nice about playing inclusively with your children, instead of handing them a tablet to learn similar skills on an app.

*This is a super honest review, of a company I have supported for years and wish them every success with their future releases. It was a pleasure to review these games.

Our top picks: 

What a Performance
Where do I live 
Landmark Lotto 
Magic Spelling
Match and Spell
Knights and Dragons 

Next on our wish list:

Magic Maths
Bus Stop
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Which Orchard Games are in your collection? 

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